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Export mailbox data to PST from office 365 admin center

  1. Open Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as this will be the only two browsers compatible with the exporting.
  2. Go to the Admin Center.
  3. Then go to Security and Compliance Admin Center.
  4. Add permissions to the Admin account to be able to export the mailbox by going to Permissions tab.
  5. Add the Admin account unto the following roles.
  6. Member of the Organization Management.
  7. Member of the eDiscovery Management as eDiscovery Manager.
  8. Member of the Compliance Administrator.
  9. After successfully adding your admin account into the following roles under permission we can now proceed with the export.
  10. Go to Search and Investigation then Choose eDiscovery.
  11. Please create a new case.
  12. Then open the case, go to Searches tab and create a new search.
  13. Under new search you would need to specify which mailbox will be searched and exported.
  14. Click the specify locations.
  15. Then choose user, groups and teams.
  16. Add the user's email address that you would need to search.
  17. Save then click run and search.
  18. Once the search completes click the more options and select export results.
  19. Once done go to Export tab and choose export results.
  20. Once done you would need to copy the export key and would need to download the results.
  21. After the export tool has been successfully installed you can now download the pst.
  22. Paste the export key on the export tool application and then select your desired location to save the pst.
  23. you should be done and successful.

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Export mailbox data to PST from office 365…

Open Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as this will be the only two browsers compatible with the exporting.…

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